Happy Birthday Mom. I can't remember what your favourite type face is but since I'm in Paris I figured I'd use Mona Lisa. This week will be all Kurt Vonnegut Quotes just for you. Thanks for inspiring me to make this blog xoxoxoxooxoxooxoxo  Sending you thoughts of pink tulips, indigo flamingos and an abundance of goldfish. I would try to make you the worlds largest pizza and eat it during a movie marathon but we'll have to wait for another Antonio Banderas dance flick. I'm toasting an Australian red to you tonight! Love You!


"Whenever it starts  
It's the RIGHT time 
when it it over  
it IS over 
whoever comes  
are the RIGHT people 
and whatever happens 
is the ONLY thing 
that could have happened… 
walk with GOOD speed"  

This was my favourite graffiti I came across on the Camino de Santiago


"Kit, remember this will you, I love you. Put that in your little bonnet and keep it there until I come back"
I watched the Santa Fe Trail recently and this line stuck out and made me smile.


"You'll be just awesome" - Maddy Cooper, one of my friend Xenia's fave quotes